Digital X-Rays Are Beneficial for Dentists to Evaluate Your Oral Health

Digital X-Rays Are Beneficial for Dentists to Evaluate Your Oral Health

Jan 01, 2021

Your dentist uses dental x-rays or images of your teeth to evaluate your oral health. These digital x-rays in Toronto, ON, are obtained with low radiation levels to capture pictures of the interiors of your teeth and gums. Digital dental x-rays help dentists to detect problems like cavities, impacted teeth, and tooth decay.

Dental x-rays are not complicated and are relatively standard. They are equally important as your routine dental exams. Therefore if dental Art in Harbord — Toronto recommends dental x-rays, it should make you aware you are getting a comprehensive dental exam.

What Is the Need for Dental X-Rays?

Dentists take dental x-rays once a year and at times more frequently if the professional is tracking a progressive dental problem or treatment. Some of the factors affecting how often you get dental x-rays include your age, your current oral health, symptoms of any oral disease, or a history of gingivitis or tooth decay.

If you visit a dentist for the first time, you can expect a dental x-ray taken to give your dentist a clear picture of your dental health. The x-ray is essential if you don’t have any images from your earlier dentist.

Children require dental x-rays more frequently than adults because pediatric dentists must monitor the development of their permanent teeth. Dental x-rays for children are also necessary because it allows the dentists to determine whether the baby teeth need removal to prevent complications like adult teeth emerging from behind.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Dental X-Rays?

Adults and children can undergo dental x-rays without fear because the radiation levels are low. Dentists are currently using digital dental x-rays, making radiation exposure non-existent.

Dentists place a lead bib over your chest, pelvic region, and abdomen to ensure yourself from any radiation exposure to your vital organs. If you have any thyroid conditions, the dentist places a thyroid collar. Women of childbearing age and children may also wear the thyroid collar with the lead bib.

However, pregnancy is an exception, and women who are pregnant or suspect they are should avoid x-rays of all types. They must discuss their condition with the dentist because developing fetuses are unsafe to radiation.

How to Prepare for Dental X-Rays

Preparing for dental x-rays is not challenging because you only have to brush your teeth before your appointment. The aim is to create a hygienic environment in your mouth for dental professionals working inside your mouth.

If you are having digital dental x-rays, you can rest assured the technology enables multiple intraoral x-rays with minimum radiation exposure than traditional radiography are taken before you realize the procedure.

Using advanced technology, dental Art in Harbord-Toronto takes x-rays of your mouth using a tiny sensor recording images of your teeth and sending them to a computer. The computer broadcasts a comprehensive picture of your mouth with the ability to enhance, enlarge, and sharpen the image to effectively diagnose dental issues to determine the optimal treatment you need. The software is used to manage the x-rays and enhance the image without altering any data. The dentist can always return to the original image captured on the computer, which is practically impossible with traditional film x-rays.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of digital x-rays is the storage capability and progress tracking. Unlike conventional x-rays, digital dental x-rays don’t require storage cabinets or files because they are stored digitally and available whenever needed by the dentist. The x-rays can be superimposed with pictures used earlier to ensure any progress or changes in your treatment are quickly visible to you. Digital x-rays allow patients to become participants in their treatment and validate what the dentist is doing for them.

How Do You Benefit from Digital Dental X-Rays?

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend less time in the dentist’s chair? If your answer reflects positivity, you will be happy to understand digital dental x-rays take multiple pictures of your mouth simultaneously to display them on a computer screen immediately. The speed at which the images are captured ensures treatment time is reduced because dentists begin working in your mouth without waiting for traditional x-rays to arrive. The accuracy of digital dental x-rays allows dentists to create an efficient treatment plan because they can visualize what needs to be done and how it progresses.

Conventional x-rays are no longer used in dentistry as most dentists have progressed to digital dental x-rays to provide accurate and efficient treatments to patients without the concerns of radiation exposure when taking images of their mouth.

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