Children’s Dentistry in Toronto, ON

Children’s Dentistry in Toronto, ON

As leading dentists in the areas like Little Italy, Palmerston, Downtown Toronto, ON Dental Art on Harbord offers reliable dental services for adults and children. 

Regular exams and cleanings can help identify potential problems and help your child benefit from timely treatment. 

Common Children’s Tooth Problems

Children are naturally explorative and curious by nature. However, a fall in the gym could result in a missing tooth, or a missed plaque spot could lead to decay. Although children’s tooth problems are the same as adult ones, baby teeth are softer compared to their permanent successors.

Understanding common children’s dental problems can help you take preventative steps. Our dentist in Toronto, ON explains the following common problems:

Tooth Decay

Leftover food particles get trapped in the teeth and lead to the buildup of a thin, sticky film called plaque. Plaque contains millions of bacteria that thrive in the mouth and multiply rapidly. They eat away at the tooth enamel and cause holes known as cavities.

Call Dental Art on Harbord near you for preventive checkups and accurate diagnosis.

Bad Breath

Many children suffer from bad breath due to a condition known as ‘halitosis.’ When bacteria feed on leftover food in the mouth, they produce an unpleasant-smelling compound called hydrogen sulfide.

While bad breath is most common in the morning, it may persist during the day too. Poor oral hygiene, inadequate brushing, and untreated tooth decay can also result in halitosis.


While thumb-sucking is very common and fades away with time, some children continue to suck their thumbs until later. This causes disruption in proper growth and tooth alignment. Improper tooth alignment can cause bite and speech problems at a later stage and may lead to low self-esteem during adolescence.

Why You Need Root Canal for Children

Children require root canal treatment for permanent as well as baby teeth. Our dentist will remove the diseased pulp, clean out the canal, and place a filling to seal the tooth root against further decay and infection.

A timely root canal can prevent a baby tooth from falling out too early and disrupting healthy oral development. Contact Dental Art on Harbord near you for children’s dentistry in Toronto, ON.

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