Teeth Whitening in Toronto, ON

Teeth Whitening in Toronto, ON

At Dental Art on Harbord, we get plenty of patients looking for teeth whitening in Toronto, ON. Whether you decide to get your teeth whitened in-office or want to do it at home, that’s up to you. Even if you prefer to do it at home, we recommend talking to a dentist for some advice first.

If you have a dental important event coming up within the next few days, you might not have enough time to whiten your teeth. At Dental Art on Harbord, we have techniques that allow us to whiten a person’s teeth within 2 hours in a single visit.

Teeth Whitening Possibilities

Zoom Whitening in Little Italy, is professional teeth whitening treatment in Toronto, ON, to brighten and whiten your teeth. Contact Toronto dentist at Dental Art on Harbord. In-office whitening can be done over several visits or in a single one. It all depends on how much of a hurry the client is in. By taking our time, there’s a lower risk of increased sensitivity from the bleaching products used.

We can either whiten teeth in a single 2-hour visit as mentioned earlier, or we can do it over several 30 to 60 minute visits. Alternatively, you can whiten your teeth at home using bleaching products found at pharmacies.

Many whiteners will need you to place a tray containing peroxide over your teeth. At Dental Art on Harbord, we can create a custom made tray based on your mouth’s dimensions for greater comfort.

Whitening Complications

There are almost no complications associated with whitening. Perhaps the only common one has increased sensitivity, which is usually temporary. The sensitivity should disappear within a couple of days if treatment is stopped.

To reduce sensitivity, you can wear the tray for shorter sessions. Instead of getting a total of 120 minutes while wearing the trays, you can reduce the amount to 60 minutes per day. Taking a 2 to 3-day break from whitening is another option to allow your teeth to adjust.

You can ask your pharmacist for a product that contains high amounts of fluoride. Use this before applying the bleaching products as the fluoride will strengthen and protect your teeth. It’s always best that you speak to a dentist before doing this. High amounts of fluoride and/or Teeth Whitening products can be harmful to teeth.

Still have question about Zoom Teeth Whitening in Little Italy, ON. Call us now to book an appointment with our Teeth Whitening dentist in Harbord, Toronto, ON.

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