Preventive Dentistry in Toronto, ON

Preventive Dentistry in Toronto, ON

Prevention is better than a cure. For example, it’s better to prevent a dental cavity than to wait for it to happen then use a filling to treat it. A cavity will always be there. Yes, we used a filling to treat it, but there’s a defect in the tooth.

At Dental Art on Harbord in Toronto, ON, we’re strong advocates for keeping natural teeth rather than letting them get damaged by decay and diseases. We particularly care about children. Children are more liable for getting dental troubles than adults.

Dental check-up by a dental professional from Dental Art on Harbord. Preventive Dentistry in Toronto, ON, and in nearby areas like Little Italy, Palmerston. The longer we can keep teeth healthy, the less the likelihood that we might lose some. If a person starts having dental problems before 15 years old, his or her teeth are probably going to need more procedures later on. On the other hand, a person who gets to the age of 50 with healthy teeth might not need any kind of intervention later on.

Dental Sealants in Toronto, ON

Dental sealants are made of composite resin and are used to fill grooves in teeth. These grooves are naturally present, so they’re not due to a disease. The problem is that they can end up serving as hiding spots for bacteria. Hidden bacteria will lead to decay and inflammation.

In children, we like to apply sealants to the molars and premolars as soon as they come in. This is believed to lower the likelihood of children getting dental caries, and it’s something we can do here at Dental Art on Harbord. Sealants last about five years, so your child might have to get more than one treatment.

Fluoride Treatments in Toronto, ON

There’s a reason fluoride is so popular in the world of dentistry. It’s added to our water sources and toothpaste. That’s because fluoride is a mineral that can strengthen teeth and stop decay if there’s any going on.

The difference between fluoride in water or toothpaste and that in treatments is the concentration. Fluoride in treatments that are done in-office is present in much higher concentrations, so it has a greater benefit. We recommend that you bring in your children for fluoride treatments to keep their teeth in good health.

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